Tuesday, December 25, 2007

christmas comes but once a year

Every year my parents say they're going to "go easy on the presents this year," and every year we somehow end up getting MORE gifts than the year before. I think my parents feel guilty for even thinking about cutting back on Christmas presents (Christmas has always been a HUGE deal in my family) and then overcompensate by getting more gifts. This works out for everyone. And by everyone, I mean me. Because I'm a total gift piggy.

Speaking of gifts, I recently stumbled upon the cutest site for unique gifts. They basically have ordinary household items like cheese graters ($25) and dustpans ($40) in super cute designs. I am obsessed with the tweezers shaped like women ($20)...they even have a suction cup to adhere to your bathroom mirror! How great is that? Check the site out at: www.thesarutgroup.com.

Tomorrow I'm off to Kansas City for two days, just to escort one my sister's kittens on the airplane.

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Anonymous said...

Yea, I know that feeling about you getting a lot of presents, except I've experienced it to a lesser extent... a significantly lesser extent. Instead of a gift-piggy, I'm probably more of a gift-anorexic-starving-kid-in-Africa.
That tweezer sounds kind of hot. I'm assuming each end of the tweezer is a leg and where the two ends meet is a buttcheek so when you close and open the tweezer... well I'm sure you can imagine.
Enjoy Kansas City--if that's even possible. I guess "be safe" would be more appropriate.