Wednesday, December 26, 2007

everything's up to date in kansas city

So Noelle and I FINALLY arrived in Kansas City, Missouri after 10 hours of traveling. Noelle is moving to KC for her job as a restaurant manager for Hillstone (owners of an upper-scale quasi-chain, including Houston's, Gulfstream, and Bandera) and she has two cats she needed to bring with her. Her ticket was first class, and American Airlines accepts pets, so she didn't think it would be a problem to bring them both with her...until she checked the size limit for pet carriers and realized she couldn't fit both cats in one carrier. She wanted to buy an extra ticket for her cat, but the airline wouldn't let her. She should have just told them she was a fatty and needed two seats, since that's an acceptable reason to buy an extra ticket. Long story short, I got suckered into coming along so I could bring one of her cats. I feel so bad for them, they were stuck in those carriers all day with no food or drink. Surprisingly, they barely meowed on the flight, at least not loud enough to wake me from my Xanax-induced slumber.

First, I should mention that I am terribly afraid of flying (see Xanax passage above...never leave the ground without it!), which sucks since I fly so often. Intense fear in combination with the common delays of flying make airports and airplanes pretty negative spaces for me (totally not Zen). That being said, it's often difficult for me to find an enjoyable aspect to flying, especially since I do my best to stay asleep the whole time. Today, though, I was totally psyched to unveil my super cute new luggage tags from If you're my friend, you probably received one of these for Christmas because they are SO EFFING CUTE that I couldn't help but share the love.

At just $14 each, these little guys are the perfect way to add some pizazz to your luggage. Even though luggage comes in SO many different styles now (I have anchor print, myself) most people still use the same generic blue and black, and these luggage tags are an inexpensive and adorable way to make your luggage easier to spot in the sea of Samsonite. With so many different styles it's difficult to choose just one, so hopefully you have several pieces of luggage in need of tags. My favorites are the cupcake, high heel, and dog tags---all of which come in different colors and styles. I'm sad they don't have a pomeranian dog tag, but they have over a dozen different breeds to choose from, including pug, terrier, and scottie dogs! Do you love it? I do!


Anonymous said...

Tell your sister's little Garfields to lose some weight and shove them in the same carrier. You should be thankful that the current form of transportation for cats isn't the same as sardines--(chopping the heads off and cramming them into a little tin can).
Anyways, I heard you take Xanax recreationally because you're just afraid of the world.
And you go ahead and let me know when fluffshop comes out with a tag in the shape of a baby bottle or a teddy bear. It'll go well with my dead-baby shaped luggage.

strawberryshortcake said...

those luggage tags are so cute! obvi i have all the cupcake ones :)

KC is the bomb, come back and we will explore it further!

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