Thursday, December 27, 2007

missouri...the show-me state

I'm not sure exactly what Missouri wants to show me, but as far as Kansas City is concerned I think it has to do with seeing some awesome shopping deals. I know this is might sound blasphemous to my bay area friends...but KC's Country Club Plaza ( is definite competition for SF's Union Square. It's not as over-sized as SF's main shopping block(s), but it has a wide variety of shops and restaurants in a smaller, less chaotic area, which is an absolute plus in my book. I love shopping in San Francisco, but - I hesitate to say this - I had a more enjoyable time yesterday shopping solo in 25 degree weather than I ever have in SF. Everyone is more friendly and the atmosphere is more relaxing and laid-back than the hustle and bustle of "the city." There's no Nordstrom or Neiman, BUT you can find the exact same type of merchandise in the KC version of Neiman Marcus known as "Halls," which is owned by Hallmark (weird, I know). Other notable stores include Burberry, Tiffany & Co, The North Face, Betsey Johnson, and Lucky Brand Jeans.

Country Club Plaza was a perfect place to spend an afternoon in Kansas City. I did a lot of shopping and even watched a flick at a cute theater on the strip (Sweeney Todd...a bit bloody, but I mean, who could resist a two-hour serenade by Johnny Depp?). I found the cutest Tater Tot-esque top at Urban Outfitters (pictures taken from along with a cool looking piggy bank. I love the piggy bank ( because it could also double as a vase with its funnel shaped slot design. Noelle collects piggy banks, so this was a perfect early birthday present for her.


Anonymous said...

25 degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius? Because 25 degrees Celsius is pretty comfortable.

And what's the hole on top of the piggy's head for?


xoxo nik said...


And gross.