Sunday, January 13, 2008

feliz año nuevo!

And I'm back from my Pink Review hiatus! I spent the holidays in Mexico (best decision of my life--who wants to deal with rain and fog when you can frolic on the beach in a skirt and tank top?) and then went immediately back to school for RA (Resident Assistant) training. YAWN. No matter how long you've been an RA, you still need to be trained every semester...mostly because people with careers in student life love to talk and having a captive audience of 60 RAs makes it that much easier for them.

Well, the new year is finally upon us and I'm having a difficult time remembering to write "2008" instead of "2007" on all my RA paperwork. New Year's Eve is such a weird quasi-holiday to me. I don't really understand why we celebrate it, I guess mostly so people can have a day off work to recover from their party hang-overs. This NYE was a lot of fun for me, but it was sad not having our annual Matthews Twin Drunktastic Celebration. While the twin was off making snowmen in Kansas City, I was sipping Mai Tais poolside in Cabo San Lucas, psshaw!

To celebrate the new year we went to dinner at Mi Casa, which is the coolest place in Cabo hands down. It's funky and eclectic and always busy which I LOVE when I'm in the mood to party hardy. The seating area is huge and extends back the length of several buildings. It also has a super cute little gift shop at the restaurant's entrance. We had reservations so we got in right away but if you have to wait, browsing the shop is a great way to pass the time. The images below are taken from

I had such an amazing time at Mi Casa and I can't wait to come here again (spring break, anyone?). The prices are way reasonable considering the attentive and kind service, the one of a kind atmosphere, and the delicious food. Me and the BF ordered several appetizers ($5-$9) instead of an entree ($13-$30) which is now my favorite thing to do when I go out. OH & to top things off, Mi Casa prepares their tortillas fresh (of course) and has a woman making them all Chevy's only by hand and much yummier. Here's me and dad posing while she's hard at work:

At the end of the day (hahaha), NYE was a complete success all around. I got to eat Mexican food which is the best type of food ever, drank lots of bubbly, and looked totally fab doing it all! Not to mention that despite--or perhaps because of--my many glasses of champagne, I managed to learn how to say "Happy New Year" in farsi. I don't really know how to spell it, but it's something like: solah notoon mobarack boshe, or something.


Anonymous said...

I thought the reason RAs need to be trained every semester is so that they can be refreshed on the appropriate ways of handling situations in order to better meet the needs of their residents--guess I was wrong.
Why do you want to learn how to speak Farsi? Are you planning on joining Al Qaeda?

Laura said...

Mi Casa! I got a blog alert for Cabo, sorry for the random comment. But I live and work in Cabo for a few months of the year, and I bring all of our travelers to Mi Casa for their group dinners. I sent the manager your kind words, hope you don't mind! He will greatly apprectiate it, they work hard and will be thankful for the compliments! But yes, hands down, great place. I will also recommend for the food itself, Mariscos Mazatlan next time you travel down to Cabo. Hell I love Cabo so much I work their now! So if you head down there again soon, email me I would love to recommend some more great things to do down there! Cheers!