Monday, January 28, 2008

not so sleeping beauty

Second night of full on insomnia. I'm no stranger to late nights, but 1AM is about my max unless I'm doing something super amazing. Sitting in my room alone doing nothing is no reason to be awake at 6AM (last night) or 4:45AM (tonight). I know there are a lot of crazy professions out there that require people to sleep during the day and be awake at night, but I actually need to be awake during the day so this sleeping schedule isn't working out for me so much.

I have, however, been very productive these past two nights since there are very few distractions at 4AM unless you're into infomercials, which I'm not (thank gawd). I've done a lot of reading (Conrad's Heart of Darkness amazingly has failed to produce ZZZZs), researched all kinds of bloggy stuff, did some unnecessary on-line shopping, downloaded songs and made some sweet new playlists, organized the files on my computer, organized my e-mail (!!!), and gave myself a pedicure...all in only 48 hours. Insomnia has turned me into Super Woman.

If only I had the capacity to sleep whenever, wherever like my dear Tater Tot.

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Anonymous said...

wait, you're NOT into infomercials?