Thursday, January 24, 2008

rain, rain, go away

...come again some other day. Wait, I mean NEVER. I hate the rain. I think that people that say they love the rain are lying because who could love the rain? Sure, it's pretty sweet when you're gazing at it through a window from the warmth of your cozy couch, but when you have to actually GO OUTSIDE it totally sucks. Especially when you're sick, which I sadly am.

In boring school news, I dropped my Asian Religions class because I really wanted to take a film class that happened to be at the same time as the religion course. If I ever drop a class I always make sure to contact the professor (even if I know I'll never take them for a class again) as a courtesy. So of course I e-mailed the professor a really thoughtful e-mail, explaining the scheduling conflict situation and telling her how disappointed I was to not be able to continue learning about such interesting material. Well, it just so happens I have a friend still in that class and the professor announced to everyone today that I dropped the class BECAUSE IT WAS TOO HARD. Like, wtf? Does a class like Asian Religions sound difficult to you?! FYI, it was the easiest class ever, so the answer is "no". My biggest question is why did she even say ANYTHING? People have already dropped the course and she didn't make a formal announcement about it, she just read their name on the roll sheet and then crossed it off nonchalantly when there was no answer. Besides the fact that my e-mail conveyed the exact opposite of thinking the course was hard since I told her how sad I was to have to drop the class. How annoying. That's what I get for being polite, I should have just web dropped it and left it at that. Damn me and my good manners!

Oh, and I have an edit to make to an older post where I completely RAVED about and how amazing their products were. I lied. My order came in on Tuesday and it was SOOO disappointing. Rhinestones were already falling all over the place as soon as I took it out of the box and the case felt sticky and gooey from their lame-o rhinestone application sticker stuff. Also, their customer service is horrid. They don't have an answering service so you're required to e-mail them instead, but they don't answer their e-mails. So far, I have sent them three e-mails over the past three days with no reply. Normally, I wouldn't be so irritated by such a lack of speediness but you're apparently REQUIRED to get some kind of "return authorization number" from their customer service before you can return anything...oh and you have to return it within seven days. Tomorrow is day 4 and if I don't hear back from them I'm going to do a charge back on my credit card because I hate them.

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