Friday, January 18, 2008

there's nothing wrong with being obsessive, right?

Okay so I am totally obsessed with I don't know WHY I've only recently found this website, but it has so many awesome things I don't need...I could spend all day every day buying useless products from their site! Many, many things have caught my eye on FF, but one of the most intriguing things for me is their heart-shaped egg mold ( Call me a romantic, but I find anything that molds food into a heart to be completely irresistible. And with Valentine's Day less than a month away, this is the perfect February on-line purchase! Don't eat eggs? Who cares! I'm sure there's a million other things you can use the mold for, like, um, pancakes...and, well, there's plenty more, I'm sure.

You could probably use a heart-shaped cookie cutter that you already own to do the exact same thing, but why miss an opportunity to spend $7 on a kitchen utensil you'll use once and then forget you own? I'm being serious about that, the item just reeks of being one of those "must-have" things you buy on a whim then put into a drawer never to be seen again until you move to a new place five years down the line. But I'm still buying it.


strawberryshortcake said...


xoxo nik said...

yeah but i'm wondering why I didn't discover it on my own...and much, much sooner

Anonymous said...

So wait, are the eggs that are shaped that way supposed to be better for your heart? MOVE OVER CHEERIOS, I lowered MY cholesterol today!