Saturday, December 22, 2007

about me

Hey, nerds. I'm Bunny. In the "real world" of desk jobs and suits, I'm known as Nicolle, but who cares about the real world this is the friggin' internet and I can be whoever I want. I have been publishing on since December 2007. I'm still trying to find that delicate balance between entertaining content and personal journal. It's a work in progress.

I recently spent a year in Shanghai, China "teaching" at an IB High School. Mostly I just informed my kids about American pop culture like Ferris Bueller, Uggs, LOLcats, and pogs, and threw in a vocabulary test or two so I could give them a grade (which, incidentally, turned out not to matter since they passed everyone even students who received "F"s).

I received my Bachelor of Arts from University of the Pacific in California, double majoring in English and Film Studies. I also have my Master of Arts in International Studies with a concentration in International thesis was on the cultural implications of Chinese film on education in mainland China.

I have absolutely no idea what I want to do when I grow up except that I want to be awesome.

I have a red pomeranian named Tater Tot who is nearly 8 years old and has been my partner in crime since I was a crazy, nose-pierced 16 year old high school student. I hope in the near future to expand the Tot empire with a female pom and make some little Tot fries.

I love wearing dresses and having tea parties, and sometimes pretending to play croquet (don't want to get sweaty or get grass stains on your heels, now). If you throw a party, there is a 75% chance that I will come to it wearing a tiara or otherwise flamboyant hair piece.

Right now I'm back in the States livin' the dream in the bay area. It's been real, but I miss China every now and again, specifically: "best friend prices", pushing people on the subway, taking pictures with Chinese people, saying "maybe" to every question I ever receive, trying to use chopsticks, being called "lady", and a steady diet of baozi (steamed buns) and bubble tea.