Saturday, February 23, 2008

adventures in crafting part III

Today I spent hours with my mother at the mall. She wanted to have her eye makeup done at Bobbi Brown "just to see what it looks like" and the chick did a complete make-over, i.e. took off all the foundation and bronzer my mom had on and re-applied it (even though my mom only asked to have her eyes done). So what I THOUGHT would take 20 minutes max took over an hour. Le sigh. I did find some cute shoes while I was waiting (put them on hold) and saw a friend from high school which sucked since I didn't bother looking attractive today. Oh & I also made an awkward comment about my mom's boobs being huge in front of said friend's parents. Oops. The friend has a boob job though, so who cares if I mentioned boobs?

Other than that, I bought some ingredients for some Oscar-inspired cupcakes I'm making tomorrow (stay tuned for the recipe!) and, most importantly, worked on my quilt!! I sewed all of my blocks together and added my borders...which means the next pictures I post will be of the completed quilt. Isn't that sew exciting? My last class is this upcoming Tuesday and then I'm going to send the quilt off to get machine quilted, which basically is a computer that stitches an elaborate design on the quilt top, like this teddy bear machine stitch I found on the internet:

See the teddy bear design that has been stitched on? It's easiest to see in the yellow portion of the quilt. That's what I want done to my quilt, only something more fabulous than teddy bears.

Here is my almost completed quilt:


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