Sunday, February 17, 2008

dogs and sunny days

This weekend was so beautiful! When it's cool and sunny outside there's nothing I enjoy more than a long walk with Tater Tot. Tater totally associates my tennis shoes with going on a walk because as soon as he sees me putting them on (I'm a flip flop girl at heart) he starts barking because he knows he gets to frolic along the walking trail and bark at other dogs when I wear sneakers.

Tater Tot also got a stylish hair cut on Friday. Poor thing, he hates the groomers, but he looks so friggin' cute when he comes home with a new 'do! Usually they put a cute little bandanna on him, but for some reason they didn't this time and I didn't even notice until 20 minutes after we got home because his hair is so fluffy.

Scooby wanted to get in on the photo shoot action, but he wasn't as patient as Tater Tot in front of the camera, which is surprising considering he's a million years old and can barely move. But seriously, he's a pretty old dog, and he's also really fat and a he doesn't move very quickly. BF was over a few weekends ago and wanted to bring Scooby along on our walk "to be fair" since Tater was going. We got about half a block before Scooby sat down and refused to move because he was too tired; I had to carry him home.


Taryn said...

tater=evil pup rawr
you can see it in his eyes

Strawberry Shortcake said...

HAHAH! Taryn is kinda right, he totally has the evil eye thing goin in photo #2

nicolle said...

that's because you can see my reflection & i was wearing red