Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ideas for cupid

Valentine's Day is approaching and I'm one of the few people that doesn't hate Valentine's Day when I'm single (even though I currently happen to be in a relationship). I'm pretty sure my consistent happiness with Valentine's Day is due to the fact that my mom has always given us VDay gifts and Noelle and I usually exchange gifts, too, so if I AM single, I still get to celebrate the holiday of looooove.

This year was tough because me and BF set a $30 limit on the gift and I usually like to give something big on VDay like concert tickets or something. The challenge has proven to be more inspirational than irritating, though, and I have a super fun gift planned. Sadly, BF reads this so I can't share until after VDay, but it's a gift you can give WHENEVER ("just because" gifts are seriously the best) so it will still be worth sharing.

I haven't conducted a formal study, but I would guess that most friends do not exchange Valentine's Day gifts. Personally, I think it's fab to give something small to your close friends, especially if you see them on a daily basis (a card and some candy, a single rose, etc). For the really special friends in your life (or a sister), it is totally appropriate to get something a little more expensive. I already bought Noelle's gift before I came upon this seller on, but if I hadn't I would have totally ordered her a personalized pet pillow. The prices range according to pillow size ($28-70) and the seller is completely flexible regarding background color and type of pet (!). Here are a few of my favorite examples of her work, I MUST get a Tater Tot pillow:

What does everyone have planned for VDay gifts/celebrations?

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strawberryshortcake said...

oh hay! change your sites you dont hate, cus i gots a new url.


ps- those pillows are SO cute