Monday, February 4, 2008

indecision 2008

OH HAY, MR. PREZ!! President Bill Clinton came to MY school today! It was seriously the most amazing experience of my life. Even though my BFF is a Republican, she waited out in the freezing wind (at least it was sunny and NOT raining) with me for three hours to see the former President. It was totally worth it.

And don't you just LOVE his shirt/tie combination? So stylish. I bought some brand new red flats to go with my blue dress, sadly no one even got to see them since they were hidden by the gate separating us from Bill. But at least I was rockin' my red Prada purse...complete with a Hillary '08 sticker slapped on the side (Bill loved it).

In all seriousness though, Mr. President gave an amazing speech in support of Hillary. I knew he was a great public speaker before seeing him today, but nothing can compare to listening to a Bill Clinton speech in person. He has so much charm and charisma and went out of his way to shake hands/take pictures with as many people as possible. He really made it feel personal when he grabbed my hand and told me "thank you" for coming to hear him talk.

So yeah, it's no secret anymore who I voted for. I'm not interested in discussing politics, though, since no one can ever agree on anything when they discuss politics. But Bill Clinton is awesome. And so is Hillary. GIRL POWER! Her slogan should be "Think Pink," or is that already taken?


Taryn said...

there are better pics you could have used for our joint pic! like....this one:
but i suppose there have been worse pics of me. =]
btw, i'm a registered republican but i'm not even sure which party i identify with anymore

Rachel said...

Oh my God! That's AMAZING!

I'm usually in the minority, but I've always loved Bill.