Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my bed-time buddies

For three years I lived in my sorority house which had a sleeping porch on the third floor where all the girls slept. I'm not sure why it's called a sleeping porch because it's just the another floor of the house, but that's not really important. What is important is that having a bed out of sight meant I didn't really care about what kind of bed linens or throws or decorative pillows I had. To be honest, I rarely even MADE my bed, I definitely couldn't be bothered to make it look stylish.

When I was accepted as a resident assistant, suddenly I realized I would have to actually buy cute bedding and make my room look presentable since it would be on display to all my residents. My school's mascot is a tiger so I bought a lot of tiger and animal print items, and over the past two years I've received a few tiger plush toys as gifts. I might be a little too old to have stuffed animals on my bed, but they're adorable and each of them has a cute story. And, of course, they make good cuddle partners.

Sharing a bed with 8 pillows, 5 stuffed animals (one not pictured, he's squished under the other four), and a throw blanket makes for a cozy, if not cramped, sleeping arrangement. Luckily, my bedtime buddies don't mind if I shove them over against the wall, and every morning I get to wake up to them lovingly smiling at me as only stuffed animals can.

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