Tuesday, February 19, 2008

parker posey on black eyeliner

A few months ago I read a great interview with Parker Posey on the back cover of Vanity Fair. Posey is known for being the queen of dark liner, so I definitely take her as an authority on the topic (and I also love her as an actress). I WISH I still had the magazine, it was one of those articles I knew would be great to hold on to...but didn't.

Posey made a great statement about black eyeliner, something along the lines of it making a woman look mysterious and intriguing and that it's the perfect solution to a "day after" face. Well, I've had the same tube of black eyeliner for probably two years and I've used it about 4 times. For every day, I prefer a more muted, coppery brown liner, but I've kept Posey's words of wisdom in the back of my head since I read her interview. I woke up this morning with the desire to look intriguing, so I searched through my makeup bag, found the tube of liner and applied the liquid magic.

It's silly, but it really had an affect on my self-image and I did feel mysterious and alluring. I even had a male acquittance who I've spoken to probably three times ever ("Hey, what's up" "Nothing, you?" "Same.") tell me, "You look good." completely out of the blue. I'm going to stick to my regular coppery brown daily routine, but it's nice knowing I have a secret weapon in my makeup bag.


Kristi Capra said...

Black eyeliner is uniform for me. I like Mac's waterproof pencil. I couple it with a deep shimmery purple (a good color for blue eyes and pale skin like ours) shadow also from Mac called Beauty Marked. I would never leave home without them.

Regina George said...

the best black liquid eyeliner that exists is from chanel - promise!

and duh, he wanted your hot bod.

now if he makes you cookies out of the blue & writes blogs about you, start to get worried.


nicolle said...

kristi- for some reason i've never been able to use a pencil liner and make it look good. sadly, the Lancome noir liner i use has been discontinued and replaced with a "smoke" GREY which is NOT black.

reg- <3 chanel, so much. they have a really nice liner brush, too (for use with powder liner). i need to expand my liner options, i always fall back on Lancome because it's what i've always used. boring!