Tuesday, February 19, 2008

photographic memory

Sometimes there are those moments in life that just stand out for some reason and they make me wish any instance, glance, or brief encounter could be captured with a photograph.

Like last night when I left my room to get some water wearing only a T-shirt. The look on my face must have been priceless when I turned the corner and saw my roommate standing there.

Or a few weekends ago in San Diego when me and BF kissed and there was literally a spark between our lips. It was probably just the static electricity in the air, but it felt amazing, and I wonder if it looked the same.

Also, it would be wonderful to have a tangible memento of the time in Nice where I was mistaken for a Frenchwoman and asked directions to the nearest bakery…and the woman understood me.

Then there was the moment I realized I wanted to be an English major. It was an earth-shattering revelation at the time, and I am sure my expression reflected it.

And what about the time I sat front row at Dave Matthews? I could swear he was looking into my eyes the whole time and it felt like a concert made just for me. I would love to have a photograph of that.


Regina George said...

love this blog entry! all of these are super insightful!

nicolle said...

thanks! i used to LOATHE writing exercises in my creative writing class, but now i think they're a good way to find inspiration (probably because now i'm not forced to do them)