Thursday, February 21, 2008

superficial hair question

In two weeks I'm going to be relaxing on the beach in Cabo San Lucas with my BFF and I feel the need for a little hair pizazz. I currently have an inch and a half panel of blond on the left side of my head underneath a layer of hair so you can't see it right away (unless my hair is in a ponytail). I want to have my cousin (who I have yet to ask) dye it a fun, crazy color and I'm looking for suggestions! To submit your recommendation, click on one of the options in my poll in the right-hand column. I've had a pink strip before, and I REALLY liked it, but I dunno, I'm thinking I might want to try something new.

I couldn't find a picture on this computer of the pink in my hair, other than this one which isn't that good. If you look closely, you can see it. Anyway, just to give you an idea. Oh, and we're making a "Delta Gamma" if you can't tell.


Kristi Capra said...

I totally voted pink because I have been wanting a pink stripe in my hair since I saw it in yours like a year ago or whenever. Rachel McAdams did it too and I loved it. But my hair isn't blonde nor light so it would look stupid. Maybe after the wedding and after my hair is lighter bc I don't think my sis in law would let that fly.

XOXO said...

why even make pink an option, 'cus yknow if you do everyones gonna vote for it---duh.