Wednesday, March 19, 2008

everyone needs to accessorize, right?

You can pretty much buy anything online these days. No matter how crazy you think your request is, there's no doubt that a quick Google search will reveal that not only does someone make what you want, but they have an entire website and fan club devoted to their product. Nonetheless, I was intrigued when Twin showed me these Kitty Wigs the other day. Well, maybe not so much intrigued as disturbed...but after perusing the site for a while, I kind of (totally) want one. Now I just need a cat!

I'm a complete dog person, but I can definitely see the appeal of cats to people like Twin, who is unquestionably devoted to her two kittens (she bought me a ticket to Kansas City for the sole purpose of transporting one of them, the other kitten she took first class). Personally, I'll probably never own a cat, but they're pretty legit animals most of the time, and definitely easier to take care of than a dog. There is an undeserved stigma with being a woman and owning a cat, but if you really take the time to break it down, cats are the bomb.

Cats are awesome because:
1. lol cats
2. they don't need your attention every waking moment
3. litter boxes
4. they know how to clean themselves
5. they always want to take a nap
6. lol cats
7. they'll pretty much let you put whatever you want on them (check out the book Stuff on my Cat)
8. purring is pretty cool
9. they're mysterious and they look killer in a Bashful Blond Kitty Wig
10. "meow"


Anonymous said...

I'm more of a goat person.


P.S.--by goat I meant goat poop

KC said...

You're preaching to the choir, but ya cats are sweet. duh I got two just like your twin

XOXO said...