Thursday, March 6, 2008

if you like pina coladas

...then be jealous of me & K for jet-setting off to the fabulous Cabo San Lucas tomorrow AM. I've never gone on a traditional "spring break" trip during college (Salem, Oregon doesn't quite cut it, now does it?), so this should be a really fun and crazy adventure. I don't know if K & I will be getting that crazy, but I hear the whole Cabo scene is OOC during the Easter season, so we'll be experiencing the craziness second-hand at least.

The career faire was okay. I made my Facebook and Myspace private, which annoys me, but I figured I should take at least a few internet precautions while job hunting. My blogging won't be affected at all, because I make sure to not write about anything super inappropriate because it ALWAYS comes back to bite you in the ass. Trust me. Anyway, my suit was hot and I looked fabulous, too bad "hot" and "fabulous" aren't the #1 qualities employers look for. I did, however, scope out a potentially amazing opportunity. I'm going to keep mum on it until I find out more because a. I don't know if it's going to pan out and I hate being all, "Oh I'm going to do this thing and it's amazing!" and then...nothing and b. BF has a psycho EX (don't they all?) and I wouldn't put it past her to do something completely crazy, like, oh, I don't know, using University letterhead to forge an official document and send it to potential employers saying I cheated or something.

I'll be out of the country until next weekend, have an awesome spring break all you undergrads!! For those of you out in the "real world", I'm sorry.


Anonymous said...

So many comments I'd like to make, but with 100% certainty that they would be deleted.

Instead I'll leave you with this: HAVE A SAFE AND FUN BREAK--but mostly fun!

Taryn said...

Do you think that was.....who I think it was?

Bergdorf Brunette said...

have a ton of fun! thanks for the book - i probably won't talk to you before i leave for sydney, but make sure to read my blog (i'll be posting upside down posts from the land down under) ;)

Alycia Patterson said...

I'm way jealous of your vacay, but I'll have a fun break in Montague, CA. All the way up in Siskiyou County. Heard of it? Me neither.

Drink lots and lots of tequila for me. Pleaze.