Thursday, March 20, 2008

old diary entries

I'm housesitting for my parents this weekend and decided to use the opportunity to go through my "childhood box"...y'know, the place your parents keep all the stuff you wrote and drew as a little kid. As soon as I opened the box I spotted "The Secret Garden Diary" (I was really into the book and movie when I was little). I flipped through the pages and there are only a few entries, but they are all priceless.

January 30, 1992
Today I am going to get a hamster. And Noelle is too.

July 2, 1992
Today my sister and me and Kali went to my grandma's house and we got to have popsicles and we got to swing.

Later in July, this is what the page looks like:

This is what I was trying to hide:

The boy that I like in my bible school would have to be Chris and I think he likes me too because we always sit by each other and we always play together and hold hands. I love Chris just for a boyfriend. I hope to see him next year.

The last entry, also in July
Today my best friend Lindsey sent Noelle and I a letter from Seattle, Washington. She went to Washington State a week ago. She is prodle [sic] going to come home this week or next week.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you go ahead and tell me more about this so-called "Chris" character...

XOXO said...


Alycia said...

Those entries are so sweet. I love the popsicle one! Sometime last year I found my old Ramona Quimby journal and almost cried from laughing so much. One page made me super sad though. The journal had fill-in questions, and this page went like this:

This is what I like about myself: (my 8 year old response) is that I color good.

I don't like these things about myself: Is that I'm ugly.

Dude! Self-esteem issues much?!
Anyway, thought it was funny and wanted to share!

nicolle said...

alycia - awww! that's so friggin cute in a sad sort of way! i found a similar "about me" from when i was 8, my favorite part is:

Sometimes I wish: I didn't have a sister.

Hahaha, sorry, Twin!

Bergdorf Brunette said...

these are GREAT! i love this post. awesome.

finding stuff like that makes me 1. laugh and 2. semi-embarrassed, if it's my own stuff.