Tuesday, March 4, 2008

storm before the calm

The week before spring break is always insane. Every college student in the country is focused on only one thing: the beach. Every professor in the country thinks we should be focused on only one thing: school. Just a slight conflict of interest.

I've been working on my Scorsese paper for the past few days but I still don't have much more to show for it. I can, however, tell you all kinds of useless Mad Marty facts like that one of his ex-wives (he has 4) is the daughter of Ingmar Bergman (famous director) and that his first acclaimed film Mean Streets was shot in 24 days. Tonight I should be able to finish typing up my notes from the 12 books I'm using to pull this epic of a research project together. Then I'm turning in a second draft to my advisor on Thursday (hopefully).

Okay, just so this post isn't 100% boring, here's a vintage shot of Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, and Harvey Keitel on the set of Mean Streets (Scorsese's mother's kitchen):

And if you ever need to know ANYTHING about Scorsese, I'm your girl. I've read so many articles and chapters about him that I know enough to write a book. Seriously.

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