Tuesday, March 18, 2008

when it's time to party, we have a tea party

Here's a transcript from a conversation I had with my boyfriend last night. He thought I was trying to have a heart to heart with him. Silly boys.

Me: So did you talk to your parents about your post-graduation plans while you were home over spring break?
BF: Yeah, my dad and I went for a walk and we talked about it for a few minutes. He wants me to go to business school, but I think that's mostly because he went to business school...(he attempts to continue the conversation about his future, I interrupt)
Me: Oh, I was talking about my tea party, can you come or what?

We keepz it real, by "real" we mean rich.

And of course, a tea partay wouldn't be complete without a prepsta guide outlining the steps to throwing a successful WASP get together. My favorite advice? "Invitations: They should be on thick, white cardstock, in cursive and something should probably be embossed. Embossed paper looks tight." Also, "Decor: Keep it real when it comes to decor. Nautical is always a good way to go: ships-wheel chandeliers and port and starboard lamps. Preppies like to feel like they're yachting at all times. If you have your Tea Partay on the beach, remember to have a big bonfire. You want to keep your peeps warm at night in case they don't want to untie and put on the sweaters draped across their shoulders." So true.


Kate said...

hahahah i love this vid.

Alycia said...

I want to be in the p-unit.

Anonymous said...

2 words: gang, stir

nicolle said...

Kate - I know, right? I totally forgot about it until I started planning my tea party! Go to teapartay.com and check out their "green tea west coast" version, it's not as catchy of a song, but it is sooo funny.

Alycia - I want to marry someone in the p-unit.