Friday, April 18, 2008

collegiate words of wisdom

First, I got a few e-mails asking if my walrus story from yesterday is true. Yes, it is true. But I promise I didn't mean to steal the darn thing! And I gave it back!

Second, I was going through my filing cabinets and getting rid of stuff I don't need (like old biology notes, no thanks!) and it made me think about all the lectures I've sat through and all the funny things professors say during lectures. Usually, I just sit there and laugh, but occasionally I'll write down their little nuggets of wisdom if I find them particularly amusing. I like to call these lecture tangents "collegiate words of wisdom". Hopefully I'll be able to collect a few more before graduation.

Advice on phobias: "People with a fear of flying are often told to take a flying lesson to get over it. I do it different; I take a valium and have a glass of wine."


KC said...

i'm looking at pacific's dental hygiene program, so i have to take a bunch of bio, chem and mathematics. horray!

Anonymous said...

I have a fear of your face. Ask your PROF if she has any advice.