Thursday, April 10, 2008

cutest cupcake contest winners!!

Martha Stewart announced the winners to her first annual cutest cupcake contest on her show Tuesday afternoon! Each of the ten winners received a cupcake stand from the domestic diva, and two of my top fifteen made it into Martha's favorites! Dang. I'm so good at spotting cute cupcakes. I went through every single one of the entries...but somehow I managed to miss some since the Tartan cupcakes that Martha liked so much did not look familiar to me at all. Neither did the blue ones with sea shells. Oh, well. Out of over 2,000 entries, I feel pretty good for guessing two of the top ten. Click the link above to see Martha announce the winners.

My selections that won the contest were the sushi cupcakes and the cherry pie cupcakes:


Taryn said...

Pretty sure those are cherry pie cuppycakes.

XOXO said...

1. that website for the cupcakes didnt work

2. abc canceled cashmere mafia, im a bit insane is that!?


Anonymous said...

I understand that you're not around, but I still expect new blog posts.


nicolle said...

T - you would know about cherry pie...also, i changed it thanks

XOXO - it still works for me i dunno, and also CM sucked.

XOXO said...

i meant its insane that im a bit sad, duh, that show was an effig trainwreck (see my short lived blog)

Taryn said...

Thanks for basically calling me your fat "just hang out with cuz feel bad for" friend.