Tuesday, April 15, 2008

FAIL: sunny side cupcakes

I found the CUTEST recipe for faux sunny side up cupcakes in one of the several cupcake recipe books I got for Easter this year. I was so inspired by the book's picture that I decided I just had to re-create this recipe on my own, giving it a personal touch by merely using the book's recipe as a rough outline. I dubbed my creation "sunny side cupcakes", much cuter than the recipe's title of "eggy cakes", and decided to make peach cupcake batter rather than simple vanilla. Total fail.

The cupcakes tasted like peach cobbler. Nasty peach cobbler. Also, the recipe claimed that the cupcakes were to be topped with canned peaches, but I'm sorry, there is no such thing as a peach that small. I decided to replace the peach topper with an apricot topper, and even that was too large. And disgusting. Seriously, there was nothing even remotely redeeming about this cupcake invention.

After tasting a slice of one cupcake, I immediately turned the entire pan over into the trash. One rogue sunny side cupcake managed to escape the garbage bag, though, and Tater Tot promptly snatched it up despite my shouts to put it down. I tried to grab it from his mouth, but the little guy is so fast and small that he averted my grasp. He ate the entire disgusting thing in less than a minute, paper wrapper and all.

Later that night, I woke up in my mom's bed to the sound of Tater Tot not-so dry heaving. The cupcake looked even nastier the second time around, let me tell you. I tried to cover my tracks of 1. sleeping with my dog in my mom's bed and 2. making a vomit-inducing baked good, but only managed to ruin my mom's 100% silk bed spread in the process. Who knew you couldn't wash silk? I guess I sort of knew, but at 3 AM it wasn't exactly the first thing on my mind. I mean, the post-washing machine version of her bedspread isn't that bad. It's just very stiff. And black instead of moss green.

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