Thursday, April 10, 2008

i'm a junkie

Caffeine junkie, of course. So WHY OH WHY does my university not sell sugar free Red Bull anymore? And don't preach to me about how horrible it is for my body, because my school has no qualms selling corn dogs, French fries, and brownies the size of your head. Not to mention the fact that my school still carries Monster, which is a disgusting, larger version of Red Bull. I want an energy boost fast, I don't want to have to drink a gallon of carbonated sludge to get my buzz, kthxbye.

I'm leaving for Maryland tomorrow to present my paper on Scorsese, which of course I have yet to finish. I really just need an introduction and a conclusion, and a little more detail in one section. Part of me wants to add a few paragraphs devoted to Scorsese's aesthetic style, but given that I'm already super pressed for time, that probably won't happen. I also need to take my finished product of 17 pages and trim it down to 6 pages for my panel presentation. Blargh. Where's the sugar free Red Bull fairy when you need her?


Anonymous said...

Meth > Red Bull

Any day of the week!

XOXO said...


Andy said...

A few weeks ago I had to do my thesis (Green Mining) and we started writing it a few days before. I slept like 20 hours that whole week. I lived thanks to apples, coffee and coca-cola. Super healthy.