Thursday, April 24, 2008

iz can haz new names? kthxbye

My mom lost Tater Tot's collar nearly two months ago (the last time he was professionally groomed) and I've been holding off on buying him a new one because I kept thinking the lost one would pop up. But it never did. Then a few days ago one of my dad's employees left the gate open and Tater ran out and went all the way down the walking path without me seeing him. It took me 20 minutes to find him and I was freaking out because he had no collar.

I got him one of those surgical chip things from the vet a couple of years ago, but if a dog is lost it's a lot easier to look at his name tag to call the owner instead of taking them down to the vet, having them scanned for a chip, then looking up the owner. When your adorable puppy is lost, you want to make it as easy as possible for the person that finds them to call you. Of course, I had to give in and buy him a collar and tag after his sly escape the other day, even though I know the old collar will eventually turn up. I took the opportunity to 1. get him a cute collar with reflective paw prints on it in case we ever go walking in the evening time and 2. give him a new name. Awesome, right?

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Anonymous said...

The only annoying thing about this is that now everytime Tater has to fill out an application, he's going to have to fill in the space that says "Please list any previously used names:" It's already impossible for him to write since he's a dog. I can't imagine this helping.