Tuesday, April 29, 2008

lolcats and puppies

This weekend I attempted to explain lolcats to my dad. My dad barely even understands what the internet is...so explaining something as random and weird as lolcats was not an easy task. First, I had to tell him what "lol" even meant, then I tried to explain the overall concept, but I'm pretty sure he was only smiling and nodding so I would hurry up and finish talking so he could watch some more political coverage (the man is glued to CNN 24/7, I swear). Anyway, get this, I made him GET UP OFF THE COUCH and come over to the computer to see some lolcats so he would know what I was talking about. I nearly DIED when I tried to explain the back-story of this one:

He pretended he thought it was funny, but I could see him checking the election coverage out of the corner of his eye. Can you blame him? I mean, imagine my explanation, it went something like this: "Well, dad, you see, people submit pictures of cats doing whatever cats do and then OTHER people visit the website and go through the pictures and put captions on them using lolspeak. Lolspeak is something lolcats use when they talk...it's a mixture of bad spelling and poor grammar and it's usually pretty simple because that's probably how cats would talk if they did talk, y'know? That makes sense, right, dad?" Yeah, the answer is no, it did not make sense.

Another fun thing I did this weekend was meet this dog at a party in San Francisco for my Auntie Willa who is moving to Atlanta.

The dog's name was Baxster and he was totally awesome and loved me and all the attention I gave him. I realize my pose is pretty awkward is this photo, but have you ever tried to take a picture with a dachshund? Yeah, they're pretty low to the ground so it's not the most graceful thing in the world to do. Side note, you can't tell in this photo but I have a small pimple on my cheek solely because I was bragging to my mother the day before about what wonderful, clear skin I had. Apparently, pimples feed off of narcissism.


XOXO said...

"no matter how many matches you light, you'll never be [scooby]"

Anonymous said...

"Side note, you can't tell in this photo but I have a small pimple on my cheek"

Trust me, I can see it. And it is huge.


KC said...

lolcats is my second language