Sunday, April 6, 2008

more from the cutest cupcake contest

Martha's first annual Cutest Cupcake Contest is now over, but she has yet to announce the winners! The suspense is killing me! I really hope one of my ten favorites wins. Since I made that post there were another 900 entries, and yes, I went through them all. There were a few repeats of concepts (more S'mores cupcakes, some other "popcorn" cupcakes, etc), but these next few cupcakes really stood out to me, so I'm amending my Top Ten list to a Top Fifteen list.

*chirp chirp chirp* chicken and chick cupcakes

Chocolate chip cookie cupcakes! I LOVE this so much!

Hello Kitty cupcakes. These totally reminded me of Twin.

Vegetable garden cupcakes.

MY FAVORITE CUPCAKE OF THE CONTEST!! I absolutely love this idea, and I think it's so simple but SO inventive! Also, I just watched Interview with the Vampire and I know Louis and Lestat would love these.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be unsanitary to eat blood though... I mean, even if it does make the cupcake look cute?

brookem said...

Oooh! I LOVE cupcakes!

Bergdorf Brunette said...

these are so great! i love the chocolate chip cookie one (SOOO CUTE!) and the vampire one! woot!

nicolle said...

brookem = me too! it's a recent obsession. i used to be a total cookie girl, but cupcakes are so much cuter, right?

BB = i totally want to have a halloween party this year for the sole purpose of making those cupcakes. or maybe i should have a film screening party featuring vampire movies, that way i won't have to wait until october.

Andy said...

GOD! I love those vegetable garden cupcakes!!! They're absolutely amazing!

XOXO said...

i love pink and cats.

on a related note, does hair dye harm animals?