Sunday, April 6, 2008

pontification at its best

I'm not going to bore you with the very nerdy details of the National Undergraduate Literature Conference, but it was an amazingly dorky and wonderful experience. It was so fun to be around hundreds of people just like me (read: get pure joy out of analyzing novels and films). I mentioned earlier that I was going to be presenting a paper on William Faulkner (pictured to the right looking studly and very Hugh Hefneresque), and my talk went extremely well. There were two other people on my panel who were discussing different texts from Faulkner, so it made for a very interesting session and we all got a chance to ask each other questions at the end. Several people told me they really enjoyed my presentation, which made me feel good because I had been extremely nervous and also worked very hard on editing my paper for time constraints and semi-memorizing it. I was very, very tempted to start my presentation asking, "Is everyone ready to get Faulked up?" but my better judgment told me not to.

Oh, side note, my school DID end up funding the bulk of my trip. I knew they'd give in. No one can resist the persuasive princess that is Nicolle.

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