Wednesday, April 16, 2008

rest in peace paw paw

I'm such a sap. I found out that Martha Stewart's beloved Chow Chow Paw Paw died this past week from her blog, and the entry describing his final days made me cry so much. For anyone who has ever lost a beloved pet, it is a very heart-wrenching experience to go through and since my dearest Scooby went to puppy heaven a few weeks ago, I could completely relate with Martha's sorrowful story. You can read all about Paw Paw in her blog, but be warned, the images are very saddening, especially the one with Martha and Paw Paw right before he died. You can tell from her eyes that she's been crying. There is also a photo of Paw Paw right before he was buried, bundled up in a favorite blanket with his two puppy friends giving him a final goodbye.

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Anonymous said...

I had a goldfish that died once, I had to go on anti-depressants to get over it. In fact I'm still on them.

Side-note: by anti-depressants I mean crack.