Wednesday, April 2, 2008

strike on sweets

Yesterday Perez posted a video blog which was somewhat inspiring. I turned it off about one-third of the way through because I can not STAND his voice (though I am very loyal to his site)...but I think I got the gist of the post: basically, he wants to get hot enough to go jogging shirtless by the end of summer.

I'm already pretty hot (ha ha), BUT I have decided to make changes in my life to be healthier and have decided to give up dessert. Yeah, I know Lent is over, but this is going to be my attempt at a more permanent life change, rather than a 40-day temporary adjustment of my habits. In January I made the decision to give up soda (I drank probably 1 can of diet soda per day on average), and have made it four whole months without so much as a sip. I'm pretty confident I will be able to achieve my no-sweets goal, and I'm sharing it with you as a way of motivating myself to stick with it. I have already decided that I will allow myself a celebratory dessert on the night of my graduation--hey, I deserve an indulgence after five years of studying--but that's it. I'm on the fence as to whether frozen yogurt counts as dessert. The rational side of me says it does, but the fro yo-addicted part of me is leaning toward no. Either way, don't worry, I'll still be posting cupcake recipes!


Anonymous said...

True, two years of studying and three years of WATCHING MOVIES deserves a piece of cake.


nicolle said...

don't be bitter that you had 3 hours every week in lab dissecting fetal pigs in addition to 4 hours of lecture...when i got to spend half of the 4 hours of lecture time watching movies like interview with a vampire...oh wait, i guess you SHOULD be bitter