Monday, April 28, 2008

you guys are sick

Instead of lamenting with me after I relayed my horrifying ant experience a few days ago, everyone was more interested in seeing pictures of the event! Well, number one, ants are disgusting and I hate that stupid ant picture I have on that post and they aren't even being gross in it (i.e. protecting thousands of maggot-like eggs in my room). Number two, I was busy trying not to vom all over myself/trying to save all of the things I had stored in that closet. Number three, re-read number two, because really, when you're actually in that situation the thought of "Oh! I need to photo document this!" is very low on the list of things to do when encountering a swarm of ants living in your room.

That being said, I totally wish I had taken pictures.

Here are two pictures I took after the incident, if you look closely you'll notice a few black-ish marks in the pink square where the ants had their home. I have no idea what those are from, but they were all over the wood, maybe it's ant poo? SICK! Anyway, those two marks wouldn't come off, the rest did, thankfully.


XOXO said...

how are we even related?! i photo document EVERYTHING! even the time i went to the ER.

Anonymous said...

Hey, a shark just swam into my house and bit my leg off, I stabbed it with a knife. I was able to glue my leg back on without any scars and now I'm completely back to normal again. I made the shark clean up the mess it made, and I sent it back to the ocean. I could show you pictures of AFTER everything happened, or wait, I guess that wouldn't really prove anything. In fact, it would make me look like a dummkopf (="dummy" for all you non-German speaking Wienerschnitzels).

SwearOnChanel said...

well I, for one, am really glad you didn't take pictures, because even just reading that post makes my skin crawl.

And I totally got my chipped teeth fixed :) thanks for asking.

Andy said...

Ewww... That story was totally ewww... I'd prefer that you would keep blogging about cupcakes! You're my Martha Stewart!