Wednesday, May 7, 2008

because everyone needs instant camo eyeshadow

I absolutely love unnecessary purchases, i.e. the 5 unopened boxes of cereal in my cupboard and the three exact same tops I have in different colors which I haven't worn. Clearly, when Twin showed me this website selling "instant eyeshadow" that you apply from a color infused strip, I was intrigued. Nothing about this product seems useful or practical. So of course, I have to have it.

No, just kidding, I'm trying to rid my life of clutter one cereal box at a time, remember? Also, I sort of hate that their website URL initially looks like "". Gross. But this product gives me hope that maybe one day I, too, will be able to hawk (yes, that is the way that word is spelled) my own useless wares on people for $30 a pop.


Anonymous said...


Those are VERY attractive. In fact, they are so attractive that I want to vomit all over myself and everyone around me.

Andy said...

uuuuuhhh those are pretty! Eve if you actually don't buy it, you can get tips for nice eye-shadowing. I'm a compulsive shopper too, I get what you mean with cereals.

PrincessB said...

You should wear those to graduation. But get them in DG colors.

nicolle said...

andy - ya the neutral ones are okay...but on some of the models you can totally see the little dots from the application, it's weird!

princess b- HA! pink and blue, the sexiest eye makeup option everrrr.