Monday, May 5, 2008

can i get a tall, double shot, skinny vanilla latte? k thanks.

I guess technically it's a "make-under" since the recent Starbucks logo switch is a nod back to their original logo still in place at their first store in Seattle. Also, in my head "make-over" connotes positive change, not a gross and inappropriate brown logo of nastiness. Anyway, Starbucks is now featuring Pike Place roast so going back to their roots with the vintage sexy twin-tailed mermaid seemed like a natural step to corporate higher ups. Thankfully, they are only keeping the brown logo for a few months. Not that this would deter me from going to Starbucks, but I seriously hate the logo. Nothing about it is appealing to me which is ironic since Starbucks decided to use it as a marketing tool, hoping it would restore some goodwill with the public and bring more customers into their stores (Starbucks experienced a first-ever drop in sales this year, thanks U.S. economy).

I asked one of the baristas today what he thought of the logo:

Me: So, what do you think of the new logo?
Barista: Well, technically it's the old logo.
Me: Right, yeah. But what do you think of it?
Barista: It's pretty slutty.

Yes, it is pretty slutty. I would also add that miss vintage mermaid needs to non-fat sugar-free her drinks from now on. I thought coffee was supposed to stimulate your metabolism, not turn you into a fatty.


Anonymous said...

I dated a mermaid once, but I went on vacation one day and forgot to put her back in the swimming pool. When I came back, I saw that she had become dehydrated and suffocated to death.

Andy said...

1) Starbucks coffee makes you fatty. All that caramel, chocolate, sugar, whipped cream... It's not free.

2) Ok, who's this anonymous? Every post he's got something "arrghh" to comment.

Anonymous said...

Ahoy thar mateys! Me is a Pirate ARGHHH!!!

nicolle said...

that, my friends, is my lovely boyfriend. he's quite the comedian. i keep telling him he needs to make a blog with some kind of nickname so he doesn't always show up as anonymous, but i think that's part of the fun for him.
and skinny lattes are only 60 cals! my boyfriend's favorite drink, on the other hand, is a whopping 400 calories. i can have a whole lean cuisine pizza for that amount! that must be what the mermaid has been consuming...that and their muffins and scones

Anonymous said...

No I'm not! Wait... no he's not!

Andy said...

Hahahahaha... Somehow I already knew it... That's why I didn't insult him. And BF, I'm with you. Nothing tops a caramel frapucchino with whipped cream and extra caramel on top. About the amount of calories of 3 burguers.

Andy said...

And BF, by "arrghh" I meant "mean". The word just didn't come out naturally.

KC said...

i freaking hate their new/old logo. i'm glad it's only for a few months because it totally throws me off

PrincessB said...

That logo sucks. Not a fan. It's just creepy..