Thursday, May 8, 2008

graduation cap design-off

EDIT: THE TATER TOT OPTION WILL BE IN FELT AND THEN IN PUFF PAINT WILL SAY "KTHXBYE" LOLCAT STYLE! I couldn't make the change officially on the poll because people have already voted.

Okay, graduation is NINE DAYS AWAY, which is sort of freaking me out. But that's neither here nor there. The important thing is I need to decide what to puff paint on the back of my graduation cap. Last year when Twin graduated she put the Greek letters for DG, but I've been alumni from Delta Gamma for a year (and was also not the DG poster child that Twin was) so I want to go in a different direction. So far, I have three ideas but I'm totally up to suggestions. Serious suggestions. That means you, Rod.

My three ideas are:
1. "Au Revoir" in pink then a little drawing of the Eiffel tower (I lived in France for 9 months and am French at heart, for those that don't know me in real life)
2. A drawing of Tater Tot
3. "Goodbye" in Chinese with a drawing of a Chinese take-out box

I'm going to put a poll up from now until Tuesday because I need time to puff paint it and let it dry. When I say "I", I really mean "my mother". I seriously am at a total stand still on which idea to go with, so vote!


Anonymous said...

How about a picture of a black graduation hat.

HA! And you thought I couldn't give a serious answer.

BTW-I love typing in these word verifications everytime...


Alycia said...

I vote for Tater!

Andy said...

So you lived in France? Ahhh that's sooo cool. I'm probably going to live there after I finish school (summer 2009). I'm studying in a French Lycée (and I'm oh so proud). That's if euro doesn't go up THAT much. If not, I'm going to Argentina! Or to the States (but studying probably something else than engineering in Boston College).

XOXO said...

ps- i vote for tater, lolcats style!


brinnet said...

Hmmm, I vote French.

Although Tater Tot is a close second.

Anonymous said...

So I guess the Eiffel Towers win it. When are you going to begin painting the Eiffel Tower on your hat. I mean, you are going to follow through by doing what the results of the poll are, right?

PrincessB said...

French! I assume you already started, but I wanted to vote anyway. LOVE that picture btw.

nicolle said...

alycia - that was my vote, too!

andy - yup! it was awesome. i lived in Pau for a semester and then Paris for the summer. thankfully i was there when the dollar was stronger than it is now.

brinnet - i had no idea the french option would be so popular! i really wanted to put "au revoir, suckas!" but i thought that might be inappropriate.

princess b - rod is totally going to kill me for not doing what the poll reflected...but seriously tater tot was such a close second for everyone and such a natural choice, i couldn't resist! Also, that spaghetti monster graduation cap totally inspired me to use felt instead of just puff painting it. it's totally cute, cuter than the french option would have been for sure.