Tuesday, May 6, 2008

great minds think alike

I went to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago to buy a dress for my Phi Beta Kappa initiation and for my graduation ceremony, and the fashion gods were smiling down on me because I found three adorable dresses. I only needed two, but when you find a cute dress, you just have to buy it, so I snagged all three. My school colors are orange and black, which aren't always the most flattering colors to wear, so I wasn't expecting to find something that matched my University's color palette. I was super psyched about my graduation dress because I found one in orange that was actually cute and didn't make me look like a pumpkin! Since I have red hair, looking like a pumpkin is a huge fear of mine.

My twin sister is flying in from Kansas City, Missouri for that weekend to celebrate my five years of hard work (ha ha) and she had yet to buy an outfit yet. She's a manager of a restaurant, so she normally wears suits and the fugliest shoes on earth (she says they're comfortable), so purchasing some new clothes was a must. Well, I guess she went shopping today and was talking to my mom when she bought her dress and my mom called me a few minutes after they got off the phone, sounding concerned.

Mom: You bought your dress at Forever21, right?
Me: Yeah, why?
Mom: ....I think your sister just bought the same one.

Yeah, she did. Don't worry, we're not going to pull any weird Olsen-twin crap, she's going to return it. But how funny would that have been if she had just shown up to my graduation wearing the same dress as me? I mean, it could have happened if she hadn't told my mom about it. It's cute, though, isn't it?


XOXO said...

NOT returning it. duh.

Andy said...

Talk about a cute dress! It is adorable... If I was your twin sister I'd buy another one but i wouldn't return this one. I'd keep it for another occasion.

Taryn said...

it looks more of a coral, and if it would fit me, i'd buy it too.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go nude under my graduation gown.

What... it's going to be a hot day!

PrincessB said...


nicolle said...

xoxo - K, i just meant you're not going to wear it to my graduation. because you're not. the same goes for a tiara.

andy - ha, i think she did just that!

t - it's totally orange in person, but it's not a nasty shade of orange, but a little more orange than "coral" i think.

rod - ya, right.

princess - thanks!!

A Martini Always Helps said...

Super cute dress! I love Forever 21 almost as much as I love wine and chocolate.