Friday, May 9, 2008

it hurts to smile

I'm not just being emo, either. It literally hurts to smile. To be honest, it hurts just to sit here and not smile. I was prepping for my graduation next week (got my dresses steamed, picked out a polish color for my toes, sent out my announcements) and thought, "Hey, I should bleach my teeth so my smile will be stunning during the ceremony!" Of course, this thought occurred to me at 2 A.M. I have yet to learn that no idea conceived at 2 A.M. should ever be followed through with. Half asleep, I grabbed my bleaching trays, generously (VERY generously) coated them with whitening gel, then popped them on for, oh, only EIGHT HOURS.

Currently, my teeth glow in the dark and I've been walking about with a scrunched up Rene Zellweger expression all day long. In a day or two they will look and feel fabulous, but for now I'll continue to wince whenever they come into contact with air. Or my saliva. Or IHOP pancakes.


Anonymous said...

I'm leaning more towards the concept of "staining", myself. For you it makes sense to bleach your teeth since your skin is on the lighter side. For me however, staining my teeth with excess coffee and soda will really bring out my dark brown eyes and black hair.

Andy said...

Hahahaha... Very Ross-like!

Taryn said...

Rod should get a blogger.

Ms. Pink said...

Awww... you could always say you are going for the Posh Spice look and look totally feirce by choosing not to smile :)

nicolle said...

andy - haha! i don't watch friends, but i know enough about ross's character to know that would be an amusing episode.

taryn - ya, duh.

ms. pink - if only i didn't look completely goofy when i try to get all serious-sexy for pictures. thankfully, it only took a day for the pain to go away.