Wednesday, May 7, 2008

martha's favorite cookie contest

Martha Stewart's cutest cupcake contest was so popular that she decided to have another contest, this time for her favorite cookie! Of course, I went through all 938 entries and in between drooling over the delicious cookies I saved a few that I thought might be contenders for Martha's winners, which will be announced on her show May 13th. I love cookies so I had a lot of favorites, but I narrowed them down to 15, hopefully some of my choices show up on Martha's list, too. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Oreo cookies topped with a little chocolate mouse! Totally simple, but it looks so cute AND delicious.

2. Cocktail sugar cookies. I'm not a huge fan of sugar cookies, but I would not be able to resist these! What a clever twist on a the idea of a cocktail party...just serve these cookies instead! Or in addition to actual cocktails.

3. Picnic caramel delights. This is a cocoa cookie rolled in cashews and filled with caramel.

4. Pinkerdoodle. Like a snickerdoodle, only better because it's pink.

5. Smores cookie. Graham cracker cookie with marshmallow cream, topped with chocolate ganache.

6. Cookies and cream.

7. Chewy caramel melt. A brownie-like cookie filled with a caramel cup.

8. Dipped butter cookies.

9. Dreamsicle cookies. Cookies featuring zest of orange and white chocolate chunks.

10. French macaroon cookie. Almond cookie filled with a ganache flavored with almond...and it's PINK!

11. Buttercream pistachio.

12. Cappuccino hazelnut shortbread cookies. Cookies dipped in mocha drizzled with hazelnut icing.

13. Chocolate chip coconut macaroons.

14. Smores cookie sandwich. I know, I know, I already have a smores cookie on the list, but these look soooo good. Two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched with marshmallow cream and chocolate.

15. Chocolate crackle cookies. These are actually my favorite cookie in the world, they are SO yummy. I'll have to make some soon and post the recipe.

Which cookie out of the fifteen listed here is YOUR favorite?


Anonymous said...

Before I tell you which my favorite of Martha's cookies is, I would first need insider information.

err... information about what's inside the cookie.

KC said...

OMFG pistacchio!!!!! Your blogs make me hungry.

Andy said...

I knew you would get all Martha Stewart again sometime! Ilove cookies. And lately, I've been eating a lot. Like plenty of them. And being a hypoglycemic, that's not good. But still the first 2 are sooo cute, and number 4 looks yummy and pretty. Ahhh... I love pink.

Taryn said...

I MAKE CHOCO CRACKLE COOKIES. Yay, I feel accepted now, sort of.

PrincessB said...

OOH! The macaroons! LOVE them! LOVE Paris! LOVE french things! Ok, I got carried away.

Foodaholic said...

Good job on the picks! Half the cookies Martha chose, you chose too!