Tuesday, May 6, 2008

new nickname

I'm getting pretty bored with referring to my boyfriend as "BF", but he cares a lot more about his anonymity than I do (aka not at all) so I still want to give him a semi-nondescript nickname so he can keep his identity to himself and people that really know him. I've actually been thinking of giving him a new name for a while now, but for the life of me could not think of anything clever or interesting, when it suddenly came to me today: Rod.

I like the nickname because it's 1. sexually suggestive, gotta love that phallic imagery! 2. an actual name rather than an abbreviation and 3. it has some significance. You see, Rod drives an Isuzu Rodeo, and in typical 17-year-old male fashion he thought it was an awesome idea (it wasn't) to remove the "e" and "o" from his car making it an Isuzu Rod. Clever, right? So, cheers, Rod, on your new nickname. Now I just need to convince him to make a friggin' blog and stop commenting on my posts anonymously.

For you Lost fans, check out this Sawyer nickname generator I found on ABC.com. My nickname is "Frosty". Hmm.


Anonymous said...

When I take the "suzu" off of the "Isuzu" it's going to be an iRod (Get it... like an IPod?).

It's ok if you don't, just don't hurt yourself trying to figure it out.

Andy said...

Hahahaha I just did the sawyer thing... My nick is apparently... Rinse & repeat. What the heck?

XOXO said...

mine's RED EYE how bomb am I?


SwearOnChanel said...

umm I'm "Prince Charles".


nicolle said...

rod - ya, good idea.

andy - hahahaha omg, yours TOTALLY beats mine!

xoxo - what the heck did you enter?? i did one for you and it came up as "professor"

chanel - LOL!!! ha, these are fun!

mimi said...

Hi Nicolle, I am friends with Noelle (I was ATC when she was DG president). She told me about your blog and I've been reading it for awhile now. Lots of times I have wanted to comment but didn't. Well, I must comment now because I did the Sawyer nickname thing and I am very upset that mine came back as... PUD... That is so stupid. So, then I did my husband and his was, TWEEDLEDEE, which is equally as stupid, but funny since it's him. So, I am envious of all the cool names y'all got