Thursday, June 12, 2008

new banner

To be fair, I'm actually not IN China yet, but I got the idea for a clever cartoon-y looking image of a Chinese food take-out box filled with strawberries the other day and have been wanting to change my banner for a while so I decided just to make the leap. That and the fact that I spent three hours taking pictures of strawberries in take-out boxes, cutting them out in Photoshop, then learning how to make them look like a cartoon. I hope everyone likes it, because I promise I am not changing my banner for a long while. Slight adjustments, maybe, but I really like this image and I worked very hard on it, so it's here to stay.


Alycia said...

I absolutely adore it! OMG, I can't believe you're going to be in China!

I am so excited for you. :)

Andy said...

It's adorable! The banner can lie for a month or two, it doesn't matter.

Anonymous said...

I heard Chinese people hate it when redheads go to their country

Strawberry said...

alycia - ok i actually need to see you FOR REALS before China, so mark your calendar sometime between August 1 - August 24

andy - thanks! :D

Rod - i heard they eat redheads, NOM NOM NOM

Taryn said...

Hell yeah, NOM NOM.
I dated an asian once, he ate plenty.
OH GOD, no I didn't say that.