Monday, June 9, 2008

what was i thinking?

I already regret giving up sweets. It's only been an hour and I'm going through withdrawals. Must. have. chocolate.

Speaking of food, I don't know what my dad eats when he's watching TV, but the remote is always greasy when he leaves and I take the remote to switch channels. It must be his way of marking his territory, y'know, wiping his Swiss cheese nom-ing fingers all over the place. It also might be his way of hinting that I need to stop camping out on the couch and actually 1. go do something during the day or 2. hang out in my own room instead of taking over the family room.


Bergdorf Brunette said...

"swiss cheese nom'ing fingers..." was one of the most hilarious things i've heard all year. kudos!!

p.s. what's with dads nom'ing swiss cheese??? mine too!

i disagree with your idea that you should stop taking over the family room and am in full support of this [albeit, hostile] takeover.

XOXO said...

the couch is mine. stay away. and also- im ljing again, WATCH OU

Anonymous said...

Or maybe it's his way of telling you that he wants more cheese

Kristie said...

LOL, this post totally reminds me of my own father. Growing up, I would always find that the t.v. remote was greasy and usually had some leftover food on it from when my dad was watching t.v. earlier that day. I remember asking my mom about it one time, and she just simply said that it was because men are dirty, dirty pigs that don't know how to keep anything clean. LOL Needless to say, my parents are almost 60 years old now, and they have separate remotes. :)

Great blog, by the way. Have a nice day. :)

A Martini Always Helps said...

Your dad noms on swiss cheese? Of all TV-watching snacks out there.

P.S. I tried to click on the about you link and it didn't work. Wah.

Strawberry said...

Bebe - i gave my dad false hope this evening by staying in my room until 10 p.m. for the top chef finale but then i totally commandeered the big couch from him.

XOXO - you wish.

Rod - uh.

Kristie - haha, i guess we ALL have cheese loving dads!

martini - WOAH! thanks for the heads up! i changed my domain name a week or so ago, and totally forgot to change the urls on those static's now up and super un-exciting got your viewing pleasure. my blogger profile is slightly more entertaining (i particularly enjoy my "about me" satire of a MadTV satire of Kim Kardashian)