Monday, July 14, 2008

breaking sometimes easy

If you live in the Playboy Mansion and happen to be named Hugh Hefner, that is. Can you imagine an environment MORE conducive to getting over a break-up? Because I can't.

How am I supposed to have any faith in love if the bunnies can't even stay together? Incidentally, Kendra was my least favorite Hefner girlfriend, so I'm glad she got the boot (and you all know that's really the issue, not her so called "empire"). It's all about Bridget, UOP alumni unite!


Moi said...

ahh I'm so excited they broke up! I HATE HER

Andy said...

Hahahaha... She's my least favorite, but still I loved her dumb attitude.

And yes, Bridget ALL the way.

So@24 said...

Maybe she'll take some comfort in my blog

I'm Frank said...

Pfft, Holly all the way!

And if you ask if I have ever seen the show, I will instantly say "no," regardless of how many countless hours I actually spent in front of the TV.

Riff Dog said...

I would offer my opinion, but that would require admitting I watch the show . . .

I do have a false image of sophistication to maintain, after all!

Beth said...

Ugh I hated Kendra so much.

I hope shes gone forever.

Strawberry said...

moi - ya let's keep our fingers crossed that this is one rumor that is TRUE

andy - i have all the seasons on DVD, so clearly i don't hate her enough to not watch her, but she bugs me

so@24 - ya, i've heard that you talk about sex a lot, so it'll be right up her to speak

frank - ya, holly is legit too. i just love all of bridget's little outfits and the way she gets excited for theme parties

riff dog - HA! wait...are you saying the bunnies aren't sophisticated?

beth - ME TOO!