Saturday, July 19, 2008


Despite having bought our Dark Knight tickets three days early, we still had to wait in line for 2 1/2 hours. It. was. totally. worth. it. Not only did I get to watch sexy Christian Bale with a shirt off for probably an hour of screen time, but the audience was awesome and a bunch of theater employees got really into it and dressed up like characters. This photograph was taken right before we battled to the death:

Clearly, I won. Batman always wins.

Did anyone else noticed Cilian Murphy's 10 second cameo? Is he going to be a major character in a future Batman installment? I hope so!

Also, I need some male input on this, Maggie Gyllenhal is fug, right? I mean, she looks like a troll, doesn't she? I just didn't see her fitting in as a love interest, but then again her predecessor Katie Holmes was in the same league, that is, the not-sexy-chick league. Who do you think would have made a better Rachel? I think Charlize Theron would have been a good pick, maybe Anne Hathaway. Yeah, Anne Hathaway for sure. She has that good girl quality that a Batman love interests need, but is still gorgeous. Or Rachel McAdams! Thoughts?


Alycia said...

OMG, I am so excited to see this movie! I'm planning on going tomorrow after work.

I don't really have an informed opinion, obvi since I haven't seen it, about Maggie's role as Rachel, but I freaking love her. I think she's so cute and I even splurged on the new issue of Marie Claire just because she was on the cover. (Yeah, buying a magazine is a splurge for me now...God, I hate paying bills! Haha.) But I do like Anne Hathaway; she's a hottie.

Oh! And Cilian Murphy was Dr. Crane in Batman Begins, so I think he would still continue to be that character. He's hot too.


KC said...

um, it was all about Nicole Kidman in the old Batman. She was hella beautiful in that movie and I think was perfect and classy enough to be his love interest. I hated Katie Holmes in the last one (for reasons not entirely unrelated to the fact that Katie is with major a-hole Tom Cruise, who broke poor Nicole's heart). I would have taken anyone other than that automaton Katie. Maggie has that old Hollywood look to her, and I didn't really like her at first but she sort of grew on me, however I think you're right, Batman totally needs a hotter woman beside him. I don't know what made them pick Maggie.

And yeah, I remember Murphy as the scarecrow in the last Batman.

As invested as I am in this movie, I have yet to see it because I have other crap happening right now, but I fully intend to see it within the next week. I have a thing for the B man too! I still watch the old school cartoon on the Cartoon Network late at night. Soo good!

Andy said...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie. And I think maybe Megan Fox would be a nice Batman love interest.

XOXO said...

rachel mcadams...maybe

anne hathaway is also fug, IMO

ps- i didnt get the cillian murphy part- it totally threw me off mainly cus he was like "leave the claning up of the streets to me" and cillian replied with something so i was like wait, is strawman or whatver he was called good or like whats the sitch? i didn't get it.

anyway, if anyone can clue me in thatd be BOMB

I'm Frank said...

I preferred Katie Holmes myself, but you're right, there are plenty of other more attractive ladies out there. I really don't have anything against Maggie Gyllenhal's acting...but Jesus...look at those cheek bones...

Strawberry said...

alycia - oh DUH, totally forgot that cilian was in the first one...that whole first sequence kinda confused me, but yeah, that completely slipped my mind. either way, i hope he's in the next one again cause he is sex-ay

kc - agreed. i wonder if he's going to have a new love interest in the next one?

andy - i thought that at first, but megan fox is too sexy for a batman chick, she's more of a bond girl type.

xoxo - ya i think anne hathaway is prettier than maggie at least

frank - or, um, absence of cheek bones. her face scares me. how can her brother be so hot and her be so...not?

the indefatigable mjenks said...

Of course Batman is going to have a new love interest in the next one.

Enter one non-Halle Berry Catwoman.

It's all set up for it, too.