Saturday, August 16, 2008

guess the dish!

I like to experiment in the kitchen and try out new recipes and I thought I'd share a picture of what I made for dinner last night and see if any of you could guess what it is!

Hint: it's ethnic. Ha, but anything other than hot dogs could be considered "ethnic" if you think about it. Oh, that's another hint, it's not a hot dog.


Bergdorf Brunette said...

don't forget to add me back into your fave blogs!!

... if i am still in your fave blogs.

btw -- have no idea what that is.

XOXO said...

looks like barf.

is it barf?

i'm pretty sure it's barf.

PrincessB said...

No idea, but looks good!

It doesn't look like barf! I am a nurse, trust me I know what barf looks like.

sid said...

Prawn curry?

Strawberry said...

ANSWER: ghorme sabzi!

bebe - done and done!

twin - shut up, it doesn't look anything like barf.

princess b - ya, my sister is laaaaame

sid - close!'s a persian stew, soooo good.

I'm Frank said...

I'm going to guess...grass clippings with June flies on the left...and uncooked hashbrowns on the right!

Anonymous said...

soul food?