Thursday, August 14, 2008

tater tot the toothless wonder: update

Tater Tot went under the knife on Tuesday. He was very scared to be away from home for that long, and it was really sad to be Tater Tot-less for a whole day and night. Sometimes I sit back and reflect on how important Tater is in my life and I have to remind myself that he is a dog, not a child. But...well, I still act like a doting mother. I called the vet at 5 p.m. because I hadn't heard from their office all day and I wanted to see how the pup was doing. He had just gotten out of surgery and was doing fine but was still asleep. The doctor called me back 30 minutes later and was so sweet and explained the procedure and everything she did.

I won't go into details because there's nothing worse than reading about some gross surgery and then scrolling down to find a cupcake recipe, but Tater had a total five teeth removed (the doctor saved them and gave them to me, EW!). He was pretty groggy when I picked him up yesterday but he's doing just fine. He has been quieter than usual because I think his mouth still hurts, but if you ask me that's a good thing. He's very happy that he gets to eat delicious wet dog food instead of the usual dry food because it's too hard for his sensitive mouth.

Most importantly, thank you all so much for your support!! I honestly didn't think anyone would donate, but my friend Bebe suggested it and I thought "Yeah! Why not?" and was pleasantly surprised by your donations! It means a lot to me to know that outside of my real-life friends and family, I have the support of my blog-life friends and family. When I started this blog way back in December I figured Twin would read it, and maybe a few high school friends. I had no idea that I would meet such amazing people all around the world just by writing a silly blog. Thank you all for reading!


Andy said...

I'm glad everyting went OK with Tater Tot! I remember when the procedure was done in my old dog, we were all very stressed.

And, thank YOU for writing! I am very surprised too by the love I have for my blog friends, and I find myself thinking about you guys very often.

Bergdorf Brunette said...

i'm baaaack... :)

lib said...

how much $$ did you get?! yay!!

Anonymous said...

Now all we got to do is rip his balls off. Neuter the Tater.