Thursday, September 11, 2008

china time

I finally figured out how to switch my blog over to China time. It wasn't something that was difficult or anything, I just never thought about it except when I was away from my computer. But now it's done so my post times will actually reflect the time of day which I write them, not half a day before.

Also, if I read your blog/have read it in the past and you haven't received any comments from me recently, it's because China is full of haters who don't want me to look at any websites that I actually enjoy reading. is amazingly never blocked, too bad I hate any sort of real news.

I have everyone on my "Strawberry's Faves" list saved in my Google Reader so I'm able to read your posts, I just haven't figured out how to comment on posts from the Google Reader platform. Is this possible? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?

The few times any of you HAVE received comments from me, it's because I'm accessing your site from a proxy server which is actually a huge pain in the ass. I can't even access my OWN website without using a proxy server, which is why I haven't been replying to a lot of comments on my own blog. I really appreciate all the comments, though!

I've been trying to access my site via proxy at least once a week to reply to everyone, but China only lets you use one proxy site for so long until they block that, too, so I'm kind of hitting a "Great wall", so to speak. At least I can still get on to post.

What sites they choose to block and not block totally make no sense to me. Like, for example, the fact that is blocked is both very upsetting and very perplexing. Is there anything politically subversive about a cat saying "kthxbye"? I'd have to go with a resounding "No" on that one.

And yet, some government official somewhere thinks lolcats are socially sensitive enough that they need to be hidden from everyone in China. The saddest thing about it is the Chinese don't even know what a plethora of hilarity they're missing out on. Yeah, I'm ending a sentence with a preposition. Suck it.


Anonymous said...

I may disagree with the Chinese about a lot of things, but censoring is probably the smartest political move I've ever seen.

Besides, are you sure you want to be criticizing the Chinese government on your blog? Especially when you're a foreigner and you know that they "regulate" the internet...

I guess that just means you'll be coming back to the states sooner (i.e. deportation), which I guess is good.

I'm Frank said...

Wow, "anonymous" is kind of a tool.

I always start the day with LOLcats. Far better than coffee.

Andy said...

Oh, Chinese censorship. Just what a blogger needs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Frank,

I always start the day with a warm glass of SHUT-THE-HELL-UP. Far better than YOUR-FACE.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Maybe it's kind of like how they didn't want McDonald's over there for a long time.

I'm just sayin'...