Monday, September 15, 2008

move over mid-autumn festival

Forget mooncake! It's all about the "American Food Fair"!

I walked into Carrefour today to do a little Monday morning grocery shopping, and what did my stars-and-stripes deprived eyes behold but a fabulous American Food Fair display filled with such American treats as Jello pudding, pancake mix, and vanilla frosting! Hellz. Yes.

I didn't actually buy anything, but it felt good to see lots of American products that I could buy if I really wanted to. I did give in and buy some frozen American entrees, but they were super on sale (6RMB each!) so I didn't feel as guilty as I would if I had purchased that delicious looking box of Corn Flakes for 35RMB.

I bought a DVD off the street for the first time yesterday. Everyone has always told me you can find any DVD ever made on the streets of China. I'm not sure if that's true, but I bought Wall-E for less than 1 US dollar. I've already watched it twice.


Anonymous said...

I don't really care for Carrefour. (Get it?)

Where were the frozen American entrees located? Next to the frozen dog section? Or closer to the dog deli?

Andy said...

$5 FOR A PACKAGE OF CORN FLAKES?!?!? God. We have like zillions of American products, but they have about the same price than in the States.

Oh, and the DVD's? We have pirate DVD in each corner. I didn't know it was so unpopular in the States.

Ever since Blockbuster left us (It broke because of the pirate DVDs), it's the only way we have to watch movies. I have about 50+ of those.

(Of course, if I like the movie, I buy it original.)

I'm Frank said...

I would've bought, like, 30 copies of Wall-E. Although that might have pushed my fondness for the movie into an all-out obsession.

I'd be willing to live with that.