Sunday, September 28, 2008

working my magic

My La Lohan peace sign flashin' tactics worked! I totally won over the ladies at the Korean market with my Celeb-like "I don't need your bullshit...but make sure you check out my gorgeous hair as I walk away in a huff" attitude the other night.

Last night Romy and I made the short trip (1/2 a block) to the Korean market to buy some beverages. Sure, they might have burned me with the phone card thing, but I'm not a girl to hold grudges and we also really wanted to drink, so we went there.

Well, talk about celebrity treatment! We were there with our friend Fox, who is also American and teaches at the same high school as we do, and the three of us bought 2 drinks each. Before we took our drinks from the counter, though, the women insisted on giving me and Romy some Sunchips for free!

Fox didn't get anything. Boo hoo.

Free chips? I mean, come on, how legit is that? They tasted more like Top Ramen than Sunchips, but I am all about getting free stuff even if it's not 100% delicious. After they opened our bottles for us, they also gave Romy their bottle opener that has the Korean market logo on it and stuff. They're going to be our new BFFs, just wait.


Anonymous said...

Sunchips were definitely poisoned.

With MSG.

Strawberry said...

anon - ya, but they were free