Saturday, September 27, 2008

ya, i'm cool off that, thanks

I went to my usual Korean market yesterday to purchase an international phone card. They cost 30RMB and I can usually get at least an hour of conversation time from each one, so it's a pretty decent price.

Or "best friend price" as Romy and I like to say to the vendors at the clothing market.

Well, for some reason they were completely out, but instead of just saying that, they tried to pawn some partially used one off on me. It was out of its wrapping, the security code was all worn away, I'm sure it didn't even have any minutes on it.

So what's a girl to do? I flashed the Lindsay Lohan signature peace sign, said "Later", flipped my hair and left.


Andy said...


Anonymous said...

The only difference between you and Lindsay Lohan is that Lindsay has greater moral judgment.

Anonymous said...

And she's a little bit more of a lesbian than you. But not much more.