Sunday, October 12, 2008

computer issues

Blogger has been hating on recently and hasn't been letting me upload any of my photos which is totally lame since I've been taking some super sweet Shanghai pictures as of late. I'm not sure if this is a Chinese government thing (likely) or an issue with my Gateway (equally as likely), but hopefully I can get it figured out tomorrow while I'm supposed to be lesson planning during my free time.

In less boring news, I've been having a great time introducing myself as "Meow Meow" to people. Euro/American ex pats are usually totally dumb about it and try to get into some argument with me about how that's not my real name, but Chinese people are all so sweet and even make their best effort to not laugh for fear of offending me. I was talking to a vendor today and told her my Chinese name was "Lin Meow Meow" and she stifled a giggle fit and told me "Oh, such a pretty name!"

Damn right it's pretty. Pretty friggin' awesome.


Frank said...

I'll say. You need to start signing all your important documents (checks, tax returns, etc.) with that name.

KC said...

my favorite blogger is MIA :(. When my dog dies and my truck won't start I'll have to start writing country songs!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Where is Miss Strawberry? Everybody misses your mis-adventures!